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NITFONE is a voice telecom and technology company established in 2005. We have seen a huge demand for a one stop carrier solution over the years for retail providers and strive to offer Quality Termination around the globe. We continuously focus on quality as we identify this as a long term strategy to win in a competitive market.

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Our Vision
To be the number one VoIP Wholesale Provider where our in house team is dedicated with our partners to provide quality, reliability and stability at all times to our customers.
Our Mission
To be the global market leader in the wholesale VoIP market and to delight our partners and customers by providing competitive, high quality services.
Our People
NITFONE team members are our most valuable asset and the key to our success. We seek people that exhibit leadership, hard work, commitment, integrity and ambition.
Our Culture
We continuously strive to be the best in the industry and confident in our products, yet we remain humble at the same time. We love to learn from others who have paved the path before us.

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